Orcas Island 2014 – Heading Home

  • DSC_0279
    Leaving Orcas Island.
  • DSC_0280
    Sydney on the lookout for orcas.
  • DSC_0282
  • DSC_0287
    Going home and smiling?
  • DSC_0289
    Shot of the bay where the house was.
  • DSC_0301
    A little cooler on the way back.
  • DSC_0306
    Mmmm ... coffee & cocoa.
  • DSC_0308
    Super Mason!
  • DSC_0314
    Another ferry passing in the fog.
  • DSC_0319
    Out on the deck of the ferry.
  • DSC_0322
    Awww Mommmmm.
  • DSC_0323
    Clearly taken by Debbie.
  • DSC_0324
    Really Mom?
  • DSC_0326
    Best picture yet!
  • IMG_0370
    All smiles.
  • IMG_0384
    Thought dad would appreciate this.
  • IMG_0386
    At SeaTac waiting for our flight.
  • IMG_0387
    Great window seat ... got to see lots of planes land/takeoff.
  • IMG_0388
    Keeping busy.
  • IMG_0389
    Surprise photo.
  • IMG_0390
    Roman VERY happy to see us.
  • sydney-noah
    Heading Home!

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