Orcas Island 2014 – The “Famous” Pottery Shop

  • DSC_0216
    A view from the tree house.
  • DSC_0217
    Very cool artwork.
  • DSC_0218
    The tree house.
  • DSC_0220
    And of course a swing set.
  • DSC_0221
    Nice area just to hang out.
  • DSC_0222
    A view to the West.
  • DSC_0223
  • DSC_0225
    Gobs of pottery.
  • DSC_0226
    Sydney looking for the cat.
  • DSC_0229
    Taking turns?
  • DSC_0230
    A harbor seal?
  • DSC_0231
    The shack.
  • DSC_0233
    Every color set you could imagine.
  • DSC_0235
    Brilliant colors.
  • DSC_0236
    Pottery everywhere!
  • DSC_0237
    Captivating designs.

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